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Presenter(s): Konrad Wulf
Title: Web Services for Remote Portlets - Strengths and Weaknesses Encountered within the European Learning Grid Infrastructure Project
Abstract: Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) has been an OASIS specification since 2003 and basically combines the interoperability and distributed nature of XML Web Services with the modular thin client building blocks approach of the Java Portlet API. In the European Learning Grid Infrastructure project, we have chosen this technology for the presentation layer of its service oriented architecture and have both experienced the usability of this framework as well as its limitations, when it comes to employing the Web 2.0 vision for a smoother user experience and interaction between the Portlets. This became most evident when integrating an instant messaging XMPP web client portlet. In this talk I also propose how WSRP could be extended to solve the DOM, client-side-scripting-state and sandboxing problems when using AJAX.
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Last Update: September 26th 2006