Page Defintion Module for OpenCms

The Page Definition Module for OpenCms extends the core functionality of OpenCms by a page definition layer. This permits to create, edit, delete and position heterogeneous content elements freely from within the page preview.

In contrast to the readily available resource collectors, the page definition of a given page is saved as XML content, just like the content elements themselves. This allows the assembly of contents of various resource types and the controlled arrangement in different columns.

Project Homepage:

Corga - the ultimate conference organizer

Corga is a Java open source web application developed by me to support all phases of a conference organization. The processes include paper submission, paper review, conference programme generation and publishing, participant registration and badges production. Compared to other open source web applications, it has a number of innovative features. Feature highlights: Project Homepage:

Millionaire Quiz Web Service

The Millionaire Quiz Web Service is a full blown XML Web Service Game designed and implemented by me in C# in "Who wants to be a millionaire"-style with progessive difficulty level, jokers and so on. Project Homepage: [not online anymore]

Last Update: September 26th 2014