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  • Limitations

    Although the page defintion module really offers added value and for sure facilitates the life of the editor, there are still some limitations that one should know when using this module:

    • Navigation: The navigational concept deviates from the one suggested by the opencms core application. Corresponding entries in the prperties dialogs for resources should therefore be ignored. Instead, you will have to expllicitly define the entries in the top and sub navigation content elements.
    • Localization: Although you can use OpenCms native support for internationalization also with the page defintion module, the new workplace messages for the Editor using the page definition module are not localized,yet (they are in German).
    • DirectEdit Buttons:
      • To toggle the visibility of the OpenCms DirectEdit buttons in preview mode, the key combination unfortunately had to be changed from Ctrl+Space bar  to Shift+Space bar.
      • Since the positioning algorithm of the DirectEdit buttons to the right do not work for <div> and <li> elements in OpenCms, the buttons are left on the left hand side.