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    • Java 1.5
    • Tomcat v5.0 or v5.5
    • OpenCms 7.0.2

    A system built with the Page Defintion Module consists of 3 parts:

    • A Common Page Definition System Module, which can be used "as is", a
    • Customer System Module where the developer defines the template, the css styles and the content elements that shall be used, and a
    • Customer Site Module, or simplySite Module, which contains all the contents maintained by the editor. Further information on this can be found on the page about building blocks.

    Installation steps:

    • Import modules in the right order, i.e. first the common page definition module, then the customer system module, then the customer site.
    • If it is the first installation, you will have to alter some configuration settings:
      • opencms-workplace.xml:
        • <directeditprovider> set the class attribute to de.businessmart.opencms.common.PageDefDirectEditProvider
        • <allowbrokenrelations> to be set to true
      • opencms-system.xml:
        • Below <sites>, enter the site for your new customer site (e.g. /sites/my-customer-site) and assign the corresponding domain name.
        • SMTP Mailserver eintragen: <mailhost name="" protocol="smtp" user="" password=""/>
    • When deploying your OpenCms modules on a live system, it is recomended to lower the logging level Loglevel in the log4j configuraiton, that means set in
      all INFO flags to ERROR.