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    This extension to OpenCms introduces an additional layer, the page definition layer. This layer enables the editor to manage and position content elements freely on a page, just like building blocks in a modular construction system.

    When you are in offline mode, you get to the page preview by clicking on a page definition file (usually index.html). Here, controls are being displayed for editing each content element, respectively. Moreover, by dragging you can move the content elements to your preferred location.

    The latter needs to be explicitly saved, though, to preserve that arrangement, by clicking on the save symbol in the upper left-hand corner..

    In formularbasierte Bearbeitung wechseln Switch to form-based editing of the page definiton
    Abspeichern Seitendefintion bei Neuanordnung Save the current arrangement of content elements in the page defintion file
    Direkt Bearbeiten Edit selected content element
    neu Add a content element to the given column
    Inhalt löschen Delete the selected content element.


    An Alternative to this is the more traditional form-based editing.

    folder Choose an existing content element from the Virtual File System (VFS)
    bm_file_open Open the refenced content element for editing
    wizard.png Create a new content element, which shall be put right here on the given page defintion.


    You can toggle the display of the DirectEdit buttons by pressing the key kombination Shift + Space.